You Can Now Use Your Oculus Username In Select Facebook Groups


In another move that brings existing its social network and VR ecosystem closer together, Facebook revealed that users will soon be able to use their Oculus username when posting to select Facebook groups.

This new feature is still under testing, starting from this week and will only be available to people whose Oculus and Facebook accounts are linked, akin to many other social features in the Oculus ecosystem. Facebook said that the feature aims to help users ‘build their VR communities’ and allow Oculus users to connect on Facebook and ‘swap stories and share their VR exploits’.

The Facebook groups in question will be new groups made specifically for Oculus users to post on and will only be visible to those with a linked Oculus account. Facebook notes that “while people can post to the groups under their Oculus usernames with only their Oculus usernames displayed, all interactions are tied to their Facebook accounts.”

facebook groups vr oculus

If you want to try out the feature for yourself, you can see the groups that Facebook will use for testing by going to the ‘Social’ tab in the Oculus mobile app and looking in the new ‘Groups’ tab. In the screenshot provided by Facebook, embedded above, an example is given of a ‘VR Art Lovers’ group featuring users posting to the Facebook group with just their Oculus usernames displayed.

This new feature is one of several ways in which Facebook is updating its social features across the Oculus ecosystem  — Facebook Horizon is the company’s upcoming unified social networking space for VR, and many of the Quest’s social features now require a linked Facebook account.

Will you be trying out some of these VR Facebook groups with your Oculus username? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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