You Can Now Make Your Own Game Boy JRPGs With GB Studio


If, back in the day, you planned your Link’s Awakening killer for the Game Boy but never got past the concept phase, it might just be the time to dig up those plans, because thanks to GB Studio and some effort, you can finally make your dream Game Boy game a reality.

Released to coincide with Nintendo’s all-conquering portable’s 30th anniversary, GB Studio is developer’s Chris Maltby‘s accidental packaging of all the scripts he used during a week-long Game Boy-themed pixel art game jam.

This software currently supports Windows, macOS and Linux. You will need an external PNG image editor (like GIMP) to make your sprite art for characters and backgrounds, while music can be added using GB Player. Once you have everything set up to your liking, your game can be played and shared via the provided HTML5 emulator, or you can build it into a Game Boy ROM file, capable of both running on your emulator of choice or your old Game Boy, via a flash cart.

Untitled GB Game is described by Chris as as “retro 2D walking simulator” and was not only his entry into the game jam but also serves as an example project / tutorial for GB Studio. A lovely showcase of what one might be able to achieve with the proper sprite art talent and this very neat, user-friendly tool.

Will you give GB Studio a spin? If you do, feel free to share your four coloured masterpieces with us at Nintendo Life.

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