Yes, You Can Race In The New Electric SBK Series


Now is the time, if you or anyone you know has an inkling to race your e-bike: sign up to participate in the very first eSBK racing weekend. No, really; this is an open competition and anyone with an electric motorcycle can join.

If you want to sign up do it quickly; registration closes on the 4th of March. Then, assemble your team and get your bike, rider, gear, and mechanic(s) to the Assen TT circuit in the Netherlands. The races will be at the end of May, and bikes will be split into classes, just like those with internal combustion engines are ranked according to engine displacement, the e-bikes will be ranked into separate classes according to the bikes’ power output.

Director Jeroen Goudswaard explains, “there is special circuit time reserved for electric motorcycles only. This is very unique, the beginning of an era! Also, there are multiple classes to create a fair competition for all types of bikes: ZerosEnergicas, other brands and prototyping superbikes.” He emphasizes the open principle, and that everyone on an electric motorcycle is welcome; “this is a very important aspect, since this enables more starting machines on the grid. Also, this weekend contains five track sessions, which gives a lot of circuit time. We really think this makes it fun and exciting to join.”

Even if you don’t want to enter into the competition, and also if you don’t even have an electric motorcycle, you definitely want to watch the video. The noises the electric superbikes make are other-worldly, and the captions tout “0-100 in 3 seconds” (though I’m guessing they mean kph there). While not every bike competing will be able to match those numbers, the torque available from the electric motors in these bikes is stunning and absolutely worth racing. After you’ve watched the video, you’ll also want to follow the races themselves.


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