Xiaomi patent hints at a smartphone design with a quad rear camera setup and a secondary display at the back


Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has patented a new smartphone with a dual display. The second display, in this case, is at the back of the smartphone and as per the patent, design rests next to the quad-camera setup. Yup, the smartphone has four cameras at the back and none in the front. This has led many to speculate that the second display at the back can be used to clicking selfies. But how effective that will be is still questionable as people are used to the full smartphone display when clicking selfies. The second display at the back is expected to be used to show notifications when the phone is kept face down on a table. With the lack of a selfie camera in the front, the front of the display is all screen with very slim bezels surrounding it. Apart from the earpiece, the front only has the proximity sensor and notification sensor. 

Xiaomi also filed a patent for a foldable smartphone. This foldable smartphone is expected to sport 5 pop-up cameras. According to the patent, the Xiaomi foldable phone has an outward folding display. The camera setup can either be the rear camera or the front-facing camera, based on how the user holds the device. Xiaomi is expected to release a foldable phone in 2019, but since the year is coming to an end, we think this may be something the smartphone maker has planned for 2020. After all, the Mobile World Congress is just around the corner. 

In other Xiaomi news, the company is expected to launch the Mi Note 10 in India. The Mi Note 10 sports a 108MP Penta camera setup. You can read more about it here.


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