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Xenophage is the exotic machine gun introduced in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. This guide explains how you can acquire it.

  • Pyrotoxin Rounds: Intrinsic. Fires high-powered explosive ammunition
  • Full Bore: Barrel optimized for distance. Greatly increases range, decreases stability, slightly decreases handling speed.
  • High-Caliber Rounds: Shots from this weapon knock the target back farther. Slightly increases range.
  • Rangefinder: Aiming increases its effective range and zoom magnification.
  • Composite Stock: Has versatile dual-purpose stock. Slightly increases stability, slightly increases handling speed.

How to get Xenophage[edit]

  1. Head to the Scarlet Keep from Sorrow’s Harbor.
  2. Head to the Enduring Abyss. On the path, behind a large lamp, you’ll see an opening to the right.
  3. Jump through that and you’ll head to the area with the Thrall statues with the view of the pyramid ship.
  4. You’ll need to activate all the statues and a chest will pop up.
  5. Open the chest and you’ll get The Journey exotic quest.


For this part, go to Anchor of Light to complete this puzzle. There are 6 red colored flower-like dishes scattered in this region. You need to head to the first one to activate the puzzle.

The first dish will ask you to Pick Up Light and this will give you an Orb to take to the other dishes.

  1. Head northwest of Anchor of Light. The first one is located inside a small, cube building. Light this dish up with your Orb. A timer will start after you ignite the first one, then you can quickly head to the second dish.

  1. If you stand on the circular building, you can see the second dish to your far right. It is above a doorway in the top of the region.

  1. The third one is in the room near the center of the region, right in front of the circular room.

  1. Head to the tall antenna that is towards the northwest of the region. Climb up the antenna as high as you can and look down. You’ll see the fourth one inside sitting on a beam.

  1. Next to the antenna, take the ramp down the left side. You’ll see an entrance to another building. Above that building is the fifth dish.

  1. This one is right on top of the circular building.

Use the map above to help you locate them.


You need to find Path Fragments in different regions on the Moon. Visit Lost Sectors the regions listed below. 

After defeating the boss in a Lost Sector, on the way out you can see a Hive Puzzle on the wall. 


  • Archer’s Line – K1 Logistics: Middle, Middle Right, Top Left, Bottom Left
  • Sorrow’s Harbor – K1 Revelation: Middle Left, Middle, Middle, Middle Left, Top Middle, Bottom Middle, Middle, Right Middle
  • Hellmouth – K1 Crew Quarters: Top Right, Middle Left, Middle, Bottom Middle, Bottom Right, Bottom Right, Bottom Middle, Bottom Middle
  • Anchor of Light – K1 Communion: Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Top Middle, Top Middle


Enter the Pit of Heresy

This is a 1-3 Player activity and you should be 940 Power or above to complete this.

When you reach Necropolis, multiple pillars will have a large glowing Hive symbols above them. Jump down to any pillar with a Hive Symbol. These pillars have a room inside, but to get to the room, the enemies guarding in the center of the pillar need to be defeated.

The room will either have a Accursed Swordbearer or a boss that is immune to any of your attacks. What the room also has is a 3 symbol lock. Those 3 symbols indicate that you need to head to the rooms with the matching symbols in order to defeat the bosses.

To defeat the bosses, you’ll need a special sword that the Accursed Swordbearer carries. Defeat the Swordbearer and take the sword. The Swordbearer won’t be near the matching symbols, you may need to go to another pillar to get a sword or find them on a bridge.

To navigate around Necropolis, use the green elevators in the center of the pillar to go up.

The bosses are:

  • Oracle of the Broken Blade – Shrieker: To defeat it, simply stand in the doorway and use the shield mechanic to deflect the Shrieker’s attacks. Aim towards the Shrieker will you’re shielded so the attacks bounce off your sword and end up attacking the Shrieker. So basically, make the Shrieker attack itself.
  • Might of the Broken Blade – Knight: You need to use the traditional sword attack on the Knight. Since the Knight has a shield and you need to go up-close, attack then bounce around the Knight then attack again. This boss requires some patience.
  • Omen of the Broken Blade – Wizard: Unlike the usual Hive swords, this one lets you do a ranged attack like the Black Talon exotic sword. The Wizard needs to be hit with the ranged attack. There are pillars inside the room so hide behind a pillar and peek out to attack the Wizard.

Keep in mind, there are enemies in each of these rooms. Take out the other enemies before you try to attack the bosses. If you can solo, head to all the matching rooms and defeat the enemies first, then go back and defeat the bosses with a sword.

Once all the bosses are defeated, head to the green light that strikes up through a pillar. This indicates that you have completed the first part and you can go through the door.

Continue forward, you’ll encounter a wall with multiple doorways which have Hive symbols above them.

The one towards the Top Left doesn’t have a symbol, you need to go there. Here you’ll find the Reveal Path’s End.

When you are jumping on the ledges, make sure you stand there for a second. If you stand on the ledge too long something will push you away and kill you.

To go to the next area, go back to where you were standing in front of the wall of doorways. Look down and in between 2 doorways is an opening. Jump down and head through there.


This part of the quest asks to locate Path’s end.

The Pit is divided into 3 areas by the 3 pathways. These paths are also guarded by 3 Ogres that stay Immune and will instantly kill you.

There are tiny tunnels all over The Pit that lets you hide and travel to other pathways.

At the end of each pathways is a locked gate. To open the gates, you’ll need a Void charge.

These Void charges drop from Heretical Knights inside caves you can access through the tunnels. Typically, they are in the tunnels close to any of the gates.

Once all 3 gates are open, the Ogres will despawn. DO NOT START THE NEXT PART OF THE DUNGEON.

Instead, head back to the starting area of The Pit and go towards the left. Jump off the side of the cliff onto the bottom ledge. You should see a plate with Hive symbols.

When you interact with it, 3 platforms will come up. Pick up the Light Orb and take it to the far right of the area with the sealed doors.

The door will have the same dishes from the Anchor of Light puzzle, but only 1 door will let you place the Light.

(You can skip the Void charge part and start with taking the Light Orb to the door instead. However, it becomes difficult with the Ogres at every corner.)

Slay Volmar, the Tempted[edit]

The next part says to Slay Volmar, the Tempted. This is a secret boss inside of the Pit of Heresy at 980 Power.

To defeat Volmar. You need to pick up the Orb in the center and take it to the correct Hive symbol. You can view which symbol corresponds with which Element in the room before the boss fight.

Each player will be given a Dread on the bottom left of the screen, this means that you’ll be able to use that Element to do damage once you take the Orb to the corresponding Hive symbol.

Then you get Vengeance for 30 seconds to do damage on the boss with that Element.

  • This is one that looks like an X is for Fiery Dread is Solar. This Hive symbol is in the bottom back right.
  • The A looking symbol is for Abyssal Dread which is Void. This Hive symbol is in the back left.
  • The Ice-cream cone shaped symbol is Thunderous Dread is Arc. This Hive symbol is in the bottom front left.
  • The one with Horizontal Lines is Neutral Dread which is Kinetic. This Hive symbol is in the front right.

Repeat this until you slay Volmar.

Taking the Orb to the symbols is individual. The Dread you get may not be the same as your teammates.

If you put the Orb in the wrong symbol it will say Path Unclear. If you keep doing it then it will eventually kill you.

For this part keep weapons with all Elemental damage. It would be best to keep a subclass on that is different from your Elemental weapons. If you have Arc, Void, and Solar ways to damage the boss then you will be prepared for whatever Dread you’re given.


Head to Eris and acquire Xenophage.

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