Watch How Tesla Cybertruck Can Sort Of Fix A Broken iPhone, Samsung


If you own an Apple iPhone with a broken screen, there’s a way that the Tesla Cybertruck can help you sort of fix that cracked found. Find out how here.

Broken smartphone screens look awful, but the Cybertruck can make them look at least a bit better.

It’s all about the broken glass from the Tesla Cybertruck debut. The cracked glass, when made into the background for your smartphone homescreen, can at least partially conceal the smashed screen if positioned just right.

See the before and after images directly below. Surely the Cybertruck after image looks more pleasing than the before. Oddly enough, the video and images come to us from a fan of the Cybertruck, so it’s not an effort to troll Tesla.

Cybertruck Fix iPhone

The fix is presented by Stephen Mason and if the name sounds even a bit familiar, it’s because he’s the same person who presented us with these Tesla truck renders long ago. These truck renders led to a lot of commentary and perhaps this smartphone fix will too.

Video description via Stephen Mason on YouTube:

Tesla Cybertruck fixed my broken iPhone!!! …I mean kind of…

Do You have a broken iPhone screen? Did you Crack your Samsung because you hate those pesky screen protectors like me? No problem, The Tesla Cyber Truck to the rescue! Fix your broken iPhone screen, or any mobile phone screen with this 100% free DIY fix!

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