Watch: Half-Life: Alyx's Unused Combine Tripwire Weapon


Half-Life: Alyx featured a number of weapons and items unlocked throughout the campaign. However, community members discovered left over files for what seems to be an unused weapon – the Combine tripwire.

As you progress through chapters in Alyx, you slowly gain new weapons and items, most of which use Combine technology. In the latter half of the game, you find yourself avoiding and disabling Combine tripwires, which deal a hefty amount of damage if activated.

In the Alyx campaign, you can’t move, use or change the tripwires in any way, only disable them. However, community modders discovered that the game still includes a version of the tripwire that Alyx can hold, throw and activate, presumably to stealthily fight against the Combine soldiers.

As you can see in the footage above, you’re able to toss the tripwire onto walls and floors, at which point it will immediately activate the deadly laser beam. We don’t know to what extent the developers experimented with the weapon, but it seems like it could have lead to some stealth-inspired options during combat.

It’s possible to spawn in the weapon through console commands, however custom maps such as cj_bean’s Gordon mod (featured in the footage above) provide an easier solution with spawn buttons that grant you easy access to as many Tripwire’s as you please.

This isn’t the only piece of cut content we’ve discovered recently – we also learned that Valve cut a much faster headcrab from the game. During playtesting, the team found that the fast headcrab ended up being much scarier than the standard variants, which is why it was eventually cut. You can read more about that, and view some footage of the model in-game, here.

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