Wargroove Will Receive Regular Updates, Free Content And DLC


To celebrate the release of Wargroove this week, the team at Chucklefish held a Reddit AMA. One of the most commonly asked questions was if the game would receive post-release support.

The good news is the team are “definitely interested” in supporting Wargroove with ongoing updates in the future, but wanted to first take in all the feedback provided by the game’s community after the big launch. The CEO of Chucklefish reiterated this, mentioning how free content and quality of life improvements were definitely on the way. One idea in mind is to possibly add a ranked mode in the future, to satisfy the game’s competitive community:

“We’re waiting to see how the online play evolves and whether or not a ranked mode would fit. We don’t want to divide the playerbase right away, but it’s on our maybe list.”

The Chucklefish CEO was happy to reveal there would eventually be downloadable content for the game as well but said the team couldn’t reveal anything about it just yet. A physical release is also in consideration, but once again, there’s nothing to officially announce right now.

Have you tried out Wargroove yet? What do you think of it so far? Tell us below.

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