Waltz Of The Wizard Update — New Content, Performance Improvements


Developers Aldin Dynamics provided an update on Waltz of the Wizard today, providing information on the newly released Scavenger update for PC VR, performance improvements and optimizations, along with plans for the future.

The team says they are happy with the response to the Enhanced Edition of the game which launched last year and, as a result, have big plans for it across the coming year. The team has been “working on new technologies and content prototypes for high degrees of natural interaction in VR. Some of those experiments have helped us understand what isn’t yet possible, while others have proven what is.” The game will also receive more expansions with “more advanced levels of magic and believable reality simulation.”

In addition to all these planned future changes, Waltz of the Wizard also received additions and optimizations in a new update this week, titled the “Scavenger” update. This includes the new Scavenger Hunt quest and some new items to play with, while also improving and upgrading visual effects.

Aldin Dynamics stated that they took what they learnt while developing the Oculus Quest version of the game and applied it to the PC version, which allows Waltz of the Wizard to run on lower-end hardware and at higher fidelity on beefier rigs. The studio said they also improved the particle effects and lighting.

Valve Index users should see some framerate improvements as well, with Aldin Dynamics claiming that even low-end hardware should be able to run at 144Hz on Index when using the low graphics settings preset.

In other recent news from the studio, the developers recently posted a proof-of-concept video demoing hand tracking running on the Quest version of the game that looks like it could be pretty compelling.

The Scavenger Update is available for Waltz of the Wizard on PC VR now. You can read about the full update and release notes over on Steam. 

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