VR Rhythm Shooter 'Pistol Whip' Gets Free Anime-inspired Level in 'Akuma' Update


Pistol Whip (2019), the rhythm-shooter from Cloudhead Games, just got a content update that brings a new level to the bullet hell-style VR title. Inspired by ’80s anime films Akira (1988) and the Ghost in the Shell franchise, the ‘Akuma’ update is now live on all supported platforms, which also brings with it some tweaks to the game’s scoring system.

Cloudhead says in a Steam news update that the Akuma update also brings improvements to the results screen and leaderboards, with a new “Beat Combo” metric, and percentage displays for both accuracy and on-beat scores.

“These changes allow you to more accurately track your performance across accuracy and rhythm, as well as compare performance with your friends and competitors in the leaderboard details panel,” the studio writes.

Akuma also includes what Cloudhead calls “major bug fixes” for the single eye / double vision rendering issue for both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.

Akuma is the game’s second major content push following its ‘High Priestess’ update, which included a new scene inspired by the hallway fight scene in South Korean neo-noir action thriller Oldboy (2003).

Cloudhead says content updates will arrive monthly on the march towards E3 2020 this summer, each of which will include a free new scene.

Pistol Whip, a winner of Road to VR’s 2019 SteamVR Game of the Year, can be found on Steam and Viveport for SteamVR headsets, on the Oculus Store for Rift and Quest.

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