VR Physics Puzzler 'Gadgeteer' to Get Biggest Update Since Launch Soon


Gadgeteer, the physics-based VR puzzler inspired by the whimsical machines of Rube Goldberg, is slated to get the biggest update since its launch into Earl Access last year.

The update is said to include a number of new devices such as a new color toolhead with 60+ colors to choose from, and two new gadgets, the Start and End Cube, which lets you remotely start and stop your contraptions.

The update will be available starting June 11th on all supported platforms including Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Windows VR headsets. Another update, slated for release in August, is said to let users upload and share puzzles in an online sharing feature.

Road to VR contributor Gabriel Moss got a chance to play Gadgeteer in our Early Access review, saying it’s both “a fantastic Rube Goldberg-style reaction machine builder and, at its most gripping moments, a true example of VR Presence—where the act of building and testing a machine becomes so engaging that you forget you’re playing with code instead of physical toy dominos.”

Developing studio Metanaut also released a new trailer highlighting a machine that wasn’t possible to build before, making use of tracks, rails, and catapults to create one of the hottest non-sport sports to come to 2020: marble racing.

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