VR MMO Neon Exile Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer


Neon Exile is the new VR MMO on the block, and we’ve just got a first look at its gameplay.

Developer Mythical City Games dropped the trailer for the title this week. In Neon Exile, you join a persistent online world under threat from robotic forces. The game’s core hook is a building mechanic that lets you create structures to scale and defend. Crucially, anything you build in Neon Exile becomes a permanent part of a single shared universe.

We can see some of those elements in the trailer. Players with robot avatars piece together buildings and then clamber up them. We also get a look at some of the game’s shooter-based action. Mythical City says every player will be able to choose between going on the offensive to attack enemy bases or instead staying back to protect their own. Both bot-based and player vs player combat are going to be included.

It sounds ambitious to say the least, so we’ll be incredibly interested to see if Mythical City pulls it off. Neon Exile is touching down in Early Access this summer with support for Index, Vive, Rift and Windows VR.

The developer says the pre-release phase will offer a “slice of the game” designed as a showcase. Instead of adding a raft of content early on, the team’s focus is on making the game stable and functional. After that, the studio will start to expand on both content and player count. Mythical City expects Neon Exile to be in Early Access until at least mid-2020.

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