VR Launch Title Headmaster Getting 'Lost Lessons' DLC, Physical Release


Nearly four years on from its launch on PSVR (and subsequent releases on PC VR), Headmaster is getting its first DLC.

Called The Lost Lessons, the DLC will be arriving on all platforms this April. As the name implies, the pack will feature 10 new missions that explore new ideas not previously seen in the original game. The developer says that these are some of the game’s most “outrageous” challenges. There’s also an advanced Party Mode level to complement the update the game got late last year. You can get a brief look at what’s included in the tweet below.

Headmaster presents a novel use of VR headsets, getting you to headbutt soccer balls at targets. The headset’s tracking makes for the perfect controller to do that with, but developer Frame Interactive also dresses up the experience with a strangely deep story mode.

Elsewhere, Headmaster is getting a physical release on PSVR via Perp Games. The Extra Time Edition, as it’s called, will feature both the Party Mode update and this new DLC. That’s arriving on June 5. The DLC on its own will cost $7.99 with a 10% discount available at launch. Headmaster costs $19.99 on the PlayStation Store so the physical version may come in around that price.

We thought Headmaster was quite fun when it first released on PSVR, though the novelty of the experience could wear off quickly. Hopefully adding these new levels into the mix will remedy that situation somewhat.

Will you be checking out Headmaster’s new DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

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