Video: Throttle House Road Tests Tesla Model 3 Performance


Thomas and James at Throttle House are at it again, this time they take a Model 3 Performance out for a spin, and offer their thoughts on the high-performance version of the popular Tesla sedan.

You may remember these guys from a few months ago when they made a video comparing the non-performance version Tesla Model 3 with the BMW M2 Competition.

Back in December when they posted that video, I asked them why they didn’t match a Tesla Model 3 Performance against BMW’s top performance version of the 2-Series coupe, and they said there were two reasons.

First, they couldn’t get one – (OK, that explains it enough for me) but they went on to say they also wanted to have the two vehicles similarly priced, and cost under $60,000. The performance version of the Model 3 would have brought the price up to about $5,000 more than the M2, so that was an unfair advantage, in their opinion. Still, I think it would have been a better comparison, since it was after all, the “M2 Competition” model.

The self-proclaimed “petrol heads” loved the Dual-Mode Model 3, even more than they had expected they would. In fact, the comparison ended in a split decision, with James preferring the Model 3, and Thomas choosing the petrol-burner from Bavaria.

What will they say now that they have the top performing Model 3? Check out the video to find out, and let us know what you think of their assessment in the comments.

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