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If you’re interested in game development or simply getting to see things that you’re not supposed to, you’ll definitely want to give this video a watch.

YouTuber user Shesez has shared a new video which takes the camera of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to places that it shouldn’t ordinarily go. For most of the video, this gives us an interesting look at how the developers handled certain things like textures, specific locations like Harv’s island, and even the way that characters pop in and out of view in multiplayer, but things get a little crazy, too.

Take, for example, the fact that the museum has several things that can’t ever be seen by the player under normal circumstances. Moving the camera around freely allows us to see that some creatures can be found on walls high above the player’s viewpoint, and that they can be different for different players.

Or, the fact that moving your character behind the desk in Resident Services – which isn’t possible either – shows that Isabelle makes a ringing sound when nudged by the player. Why the development team would make this possible is unclear – unless she’s going to wander around the island in a future update, perhaps?

Arguably the strangest of all is the fact that Wilbur, the dodo who flies you off to other islands, is always hidden behind the back wall of the airport. Should you go there when visiting another player’s island, he engages in conversation with you, but this doesn’t happen on your own island. Weird.

Here, it’s discovered that Wilbur is standing behind the wall in the airport despite the fact that the player can’t usually go there

It’s certainly an interesting look at life beyond the normal boundaries of New Horizons. Let us know which parts intrigued you the most in the comments below.

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