Vantage Point Secures $2.25M Investment for VR Enterprise Training Platform


Vantage Point, the enterprise-focused training company, announced a $2.25 million investment, something that will help them further develop their platform which was created to increase empathy and accuracy of retention through VR-based training.

The latest round of investors includes former COO of Deutsche Bank George Hornig, Quentin Clark of General Catalyst, Jamie Farrell, Shadee Barkan, Ahmed Haque of Trilogy Founding, Mike Bisk of Bisk Ventures, Samara Hernandez of Chingona Ventures, Dana Wright of Math Ventures, John Fein of Firebrand, and Bá Minuzzi of Umana Family.

The latest round brings the company’s overall investment to $3.75 million.

First launched in 2017, Vantage Point is developing a platform centered on Emotional Intelligence Training, which focuses on sexual harassment prevention, diversity and inclusion training.

“Through creating engaging and immersive experiences in a safe and simulated environment, Vantage Point educates users on identifying and responding to nuanced and high-pressure situations and identifies and educates users on implicit bias. Forward-looking, Vantage Point will expand to all areas of corporate training as the primary market leader in the immersive training space,” the company says in a press statement.

“Our goal is to deliver distributed Virtual Reality training in a way that is cost-effective, easy-to-manage, and accessible to all employers even in the wake of COVID-19,” CEO is Morgan Mercer says.

Mercer says the new norm of teleworking “will not be a transitory trend,” and that companies need to assemble more effective tools to promote “employee wellbeing and inclusion and bring people together as social and cultural dynamics change.”

Mercer, a two-time survivor of sexual violence, founded the company in effort reshape the way the topic of sexual harassment was approached while at the same time recognizing the level of empowerment individuals could be given through VR training.

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