[Update] 'Beat Saber' is Getting 40+ New Free Beat Maps Next Week


If you’ve been looking for more content to play on Beat Saber (2018), you won’t have to wait too long, as Beat Games today announced that the block-slashing rhythm game is getting a big content drop next week including 40+ new beat maps.

Update (6:50 PM ET): Facebook has since updated their initial blog post to reflect not 20, but more than 40 beat maps that are said to arrive May 25th. Considering the track list hasn’t changed, we’re not certain how the company arrived at this calculation. We’ve reached out to Facebook for a clarification. Here’s the updated statement from the blogpost:

“The upcoming update introduces 46 new beatmaps—including new 360° maps and new One Saber maps—all plucked from some of Beat Saber’s most popular tracks, giving players new ways to experience the music they love.”

Facebook furthermore clarified that 360 maps will arrive on PSVR as 90 degree maps.

Original Article (11:00 AM ET): On May 25th, Beat Saber is getting 20 new beat maps—10 with 360 degree support and 10 with one-saber support (see update).

Beat Saber supports SteamVR headsets, Rift, Quest, and PSVR. Since the PSVR version only supports forward-facing and 90-degree levels due to tracking constraints, it’s unlikely PSVR is getting the 360 maps (see update).

Even prior to the studio’s acquisition by Facebook late last year, Beat Games was able to secure some pretty impressive licencing deals with bands such as Imagine Dragons and Panic! at the Disco for its ongoing paid DLC, and provide a number of free tracks as well along the way.

After the acquisition, Beat Saber nabbed tracks from Green Day and Timbaland; the strategy of filling out its library with new beat maps is a comparatively cheap option to its recent high-level deals, as all of the levels below use previously licensed music. Check out the full list below:

New 360 Beat Maps

Expert +

  • Rattlesnake, Monstercat
  • Reason For Living, Morgan Page
  • PopStars, K/DA
  • Rum N Bass, Boom Kitty


  • Escape, Jaroslav Beck
  • Fire, Ready, Aim, Green Day
  • Digital, Imagine Dragons


  • Has a Meaning, Timbaland
  • The Greatest Show, Panic! At The Disco
  • Luv U Need U, Monstercat x Rocket League

New Single-Saber Maps

Expert +, Expert, Hard

  • Unlimited Power, Jaroslav Beck, Frank Bentley
  • Escape (NO Expert), Jaroslav Beck
  • This Time, Monstercat
  • Believer, Imagine Dragons
  • High Hopes, Panic! At The Disco
  • PLAY, Monstercat x Rocket League
  • American Idiot, Green Day
  • While We’re Young, Timbaland
  • Origins, Jaroslav Beck/Jan Ilavsky
  • Reason For Living, Morgan Page

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