Ubisoft's ‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ Launches on Oculus Quest


Star Trek: Bridge Crew (2017), Ubisoft’s co-op space sim that puts you on the bridge of your very own Federation vessel, is now available on Oculus Quest.

The Quest version is being sold for $30, which is $5 more expensive than when it launched on PC VR and PSVR respectively, however it does include the Next Generation DLC, which costs $10 when purchased separately on those platforms.

David Votypka, senior creative director at Ubisoft’s Red Storm, says it has cross-play functionality “with the game’s original platforms.” We would assume this not only covers the Rift version purchased through the Oculus Store, but also includes PC VR versions purchased through Steam and Viveport, and for PSVR through the PlayStation Store—although it’s still unclear at this time.

If you already bought Star Trek: Bridge Crew and The Next Generation DLC from the Oculus Store for Rift (read: not Steam or Viveport), the Quest version of the game is free. However if you have the game but don’t have the DLC, the Quest version costs $10.

Although you can technically play through the game’s missions and procedurally created end-game content on your own, the real fun is in jumping in with three other people in co-op mode. There, you can take on the roles of Captain, Helm, Tactical and Engineer, and experience what it’s like to wok together to beat back the Klingon Empire in the base game, and the Borg in the Next Generation DLC. Check out our review of the PC VR version to find out why we gave it a [9/10] score.

While we did rate it highly (and expect no less from the Quest version), you may want to set your phasers to stun for the time being, as some user reports suggest the game is currently suffering authentication issues, which is thanks to (you guessed it) Ubisoft’s Uplay. One user suggests linking your mandatory Uplay account and then physically restarting the headset. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on the Ubisoft forums for more information on the infinite login loop issue for more information when it arrives.

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