Tripwire Notes PSVR Espire 1 Complaints, Patch Coming Soon


Espire 1: VR Operative publisher Tripwire Entertainment have made a new post on their forums addressing some of the complaints and concerns with the PSVR version of the game, which launched last week.

In the PSVR version of Espire 1 the “control theater” mode, an extreme comfort setting to limit motion sickness, is permanently enabled and cannot be adjusted, along with a variety of bugs.

On other platforms, the control theater setting is an optional comfort setting that can be turned off. It works by making a virtual room around your view as you move forward. You can see some footage of the Espire 1 comfort theater in action in our video footage, embedded below. Snap turning is also always enabled in the PSVR version as of the time of this writing.

The new forum post on the Tripwire forums specifically highlights this as becoming option on the PSVR in a future patch for Espire 1:

For those agents on PSVR, we are working with our partners with a goal to get a patch out as soon as we can, we do not yet have a firm date we can share, but will as soon as we do. This will target the following issues:

  • Enable the controls screen with the following settings
    • Ability to turn on Smooth rotation (this replaces snap turn)
    • Ability to disable the control theater
  • Fix the artificial crouch button not working when calibrated for a seated experience

As stated above, there is no release date for the patch as of yet. It’s also important to note that the game’s developer, Digital Lode, did not work on the PSVR version of Espire 1 – the PSVR port was outsourced to an external studio. The Rift S and Quest versions of the game that we’ve played, and reviewed, do not have the same bugs or issues present. A later patch will also “improve the graphical fidelity” on PSVR headsets.

Tripwire is also working on a patch for all platforms that will fix a few other issues or complaints, including the “amount of audio chatter about repairing,” which was one of David’s gripes in his review.

You can view the full forum post and planned changes to Espire 1 here.

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