Tips for Getting Back to Fitness


Heading back into the gym after a long absence can be tough, especially if you weren’t working out while you were away from the gym. Hey, we get it! Quarantine was tough and maybe getting in a workout wasn’t at the top of your mind, and that’s ok. But as our locations at Youfit Health Clubs are reopening for you, now is the time to give your fitness a little love. 

Getting back into the gym can help reconnect you with some of the benefits of exercise, so what are you waiting for? If you’re feeling healthy enough to work out and you’re comfortable heading back into the gym, we invite you to explore some of our favorite workouts to help with getting back into fitness. 

How to Ease Back into Working Out

If it’s been some time since your last workout, you’ll want to ease back into your fitness routine. You may not be able to hop right back into the exact same workouts or sets you were doing immediately, and that’s alright. The key is to start at a level that’s comfortable for where you are right now and then gradually work towards your previous workouts. 

Your first workouts should focus on flexibility and light cardio to get the blood flowing and reinvigorate your muscles. These workouts will help your body get used to working out again without putting strain on your muscles. [1]

Though you may have been an expert before, some time away from your local gym may have made you a little rusty on how to use your favorite machines. So, be sure to read the information on the machine before using it to ensure you remember how to properly use the equipment to get the most of your workout. 

Best Workouts for Going Back to the Gym

Now that you’ve warmed up with flexibility and light cardio, it’s time to shake things up with other workouts for returning gym-goers. The best workouts for going back to the gym will vary depending on your own fitness expectations and journey. For some, free weights may be the next choice in a workout routine. For others, HIIT may be the best choice. Speak with your YouCoach or our front desk team to figure out which workout is best for you. 

Workout Safety Tips for Getting Back to the Gym

We’re thrilled to welcome you back to our health clubs and we want to make sure that you’re keeping your safety in mind when restarting your favorite workouts. Follow some workout safety tips:

  • Don’t overexert yourself, especially after a long absence from the gym.
  • Be sure to warm up before and cool down after your workouts.
  • Make sure to take rest days, your body will need it!
  • Drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods.
  • Pay extra attention to your form to ensure you’re working out properly.
  • Listen to your body, not all pain equals gain. 

The key to safety getting back into the gym and easing back into your fitness is to take things slowly. You may want to pick up right where you left off, but doing so after a long pause in your workout routine can wind up causing more harm than good. Be sure to take things slowly, and consider consulting with your doctor before restarting your fitness routine. 



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