This App Will Give You Cash Back for Eating at Chipotle


I lived on Chipotle in college.

Could I afford it? Not really. But that wouldn’t keep me away from that flavorful cilantro-lime rice, the juicy carnitas, those giant dollops of sour cream or the warm tortillas.

I mean, it could’ve been worse (ahem, Taco Bell). But it also could’ve been way better if I’d known how to save money at Chipotle. My only trick? I’d wear my Halloween costume to get a $3 burrito.

Luckily, it’s way easier to save money at Chipotle these days. Just download the free Ibotta app, and start earning cash every time you dine.

How to Earn Cash Back on Chipotle Orders — For Life

You might’ve heard of Ibotta. It’s known for helping savvy shoppers earn cash back on groceries. (We once talked to a woman who earned $432 in cash back in a year!)

But Ibotta can also help you earn cash back on flights, Amazon orders, Uber rides — you name it.

Now, it has another fun perk called “Pay With Ibotta.” It’s an easy way to earn instant cash back from dozens of retailers and restaurants, including Applebee’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, Lowe’s and — yup! — Chipotle.

Here’s what you have to do to start earning cash back:

  1. Download the app, and create your account.
  2. Connect your debit or credit card by tapping “account” then “payments.”
  3. Peruse your cash-back options. When you’re at one of the listed restaurants or retailers, tap its name, and add the checkout amount. Then Ibotta generates a QR code or barcode you’ll hand to the cashier to scan.

You’re done! The cash will be added to your earnings instantly.

I mean, what better excuse do you have to go to Chipotle now?

Carson Kohler ([email protected]) has thankfully recovered from her Chipotle obsession.

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