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National Taco Day. National Donut Day. National Rosé Day. While enticing, notice how all of these days celebrate food that may not be the greatest for your overall well-being (…though debatable depending on what you’re craving…). With social media, we’ve been somewhat over-exposed to national holidays we would’ve never known existed otherwise. However, one in particular is a day we can get behind.

Friday July 12th, is National Simplicity Day – an unofficial holiday that commemorates the life and work of American philosopher, Henry David Thoreau – a celebrated advocate of simple living.

And let’s face it – how many hours of our days are filled with exhausting, repetitive routines? Whether it be work, taking care of our families, our homes, our pets, these things take up a good chunk of time, and we may not have a moment to stop and think about what we can do for our minds. That’s where National Simplicity Day comes in. It’s a day to take a day off! We encourage you to take a step back from your busy schedule and take some ‘me’ time.

On National Simplicity Day, you can do so many things – simple things, of course. Technology has taken over the world today; phones, laptops, and smart watches (oh my!). On July 12th, take some time off from these gadgets and embrace the simplicity of life. Let go of life’s complications and enjoy it simply – even if only for one day.

Thinking of other ways to take advantage of this July 12th?

You can simplify your life by doing the following:

  • Attend a Fitness or Health Club: Go to a fitness club or health club, and if you can go with a few friends, even better (ahem, we know a place). Work out and shake out the stress from your body. Have fun, laugh heartily, and be happy. The feeling after a great workout is a euphoric one – and what’s simpler than that?
  • Go Hiking: Yes! You can also engage in recreational activities. Go hiking with friends. Embrace the views, the nature that you see, and simply reflect. Take a break from the A/C and soak up everything you can in the fresh air. Extra points if you find a lake or inlet on your trail to take a dip in.
  • Take a Walk: Take a long walk and take drink a cup of [iced] tea. Ponder on your life, think about the decisions you’ve made over time. Fish out the ones that turned out right. Think of what made them a good choice and dream up ways to make more of that happen. Think of the goals you have set out to achieve and devise ways to go about it. Think of ways to improve yourself in a quiet, serene environment. All of these habits contribute toward living a better life.
  • Sit out: Simple things turn out to be the most enjoyable. You could sit out in the sun (weather permitting) with friends and talk about life in general over a drink and some snacks. Charcuterie board anyone?

After National Simplicity Day, don’t let making time to simplify be a one-time thing. Every day is worth living and living well. As Thoreau rightly said, “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.”

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