The Social Music Streaming App for Gen Z – Resso debuts in India


There’s no dearth of music streaming apps in India. In addition to the popular options such as Spoitfy, Google Play Music and Apple Music, we even have options like Gaana, Saavn and Wynk that are fairly popular. However, Resso aims to stand out by being the world’s first social music streaming app. Almost like a social media of sorts, specifically for listening to and sharing your favourite music.

To that end, Resso comes with three primary social features, which are Vibes, Comments and Lyric Quotes.

Social streaming features

Vibes allow users to express themselves by creating videos, gifs and pictures based on songs they’re listening to which are easy to share. This also includes adding lyrics to those media.

Comments will allow users to comment on songs, these comments can be replied to, much like on a YouTube video. This creates a platform for people with similar taste in music to interact with each other.

Finally, Lyric Quotes allows users to select and share their favourite lyrics, by using different backgrounds, font styles, etc and creating visual snippets that you can share on social media.

Speaking on the debut of Resso, Hari Nair, Head of Music Content and Partnership, Resso had this to say, “Gen Z and millennials are at the core of our offering and both music and social networking are central to their daily lives. Our goal is to encourage them as well as everyday music listeners to express themselves in an interactive and engaging way. The relationship between music and the listener is currently passive, with Vibes, Comments and other features, Resso aims to transform this through a new and compelling music streaming experience.”

Music and discoverability

Resso will feature music from all major Global music publishers, according to Hari Nair, and additionally, there are plenty of independant and local artists as well. Resso also features songs in a few Indian languages as well, with the plan to expand to more languages. Major global, local and independent labels include Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Merlin and Beggars Group, T-Series, Saregama, Zee Music, YRF Music, Times Music, Tips, Venus, Shemaroo and regional majors such as – Speed Records, Anand Audio, Lahiri Music, Divo, Muzik 247.

One of the standout features we saw in Resso was the music library segmentation. Music is divided not only by genre, but by sub-genre and sub-sub-genre, allowing you to pinpoint your favourite type of music. This in turn makes it easier for the app to discover songs of your liking as well.


Resso can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS with limited functionality. Premium allows users an ad-free experience, downloadable music, higher quality audio and more. The monthly premium subscription costs INR 99 on Android and INR 119 for iOS users.

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