The Most Popular Plug-In Electric Vehicle Size Classes In U.S. Charted


The U.S. DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy recently released a very interesting chart with 2018 model year electrified cars (all-electric, plug-in hybrid or hydrogen fuel cell) grouped by vehicle size classes.

As it turns out, among 56 models available in nine different size classes, the most models are midsize, large or compact cars, followed by SUV, subcompact and small SUV:

  • Midsize Car – 25%
  • Large Car – 16%
  • Compact Car – 14%
  • Standard SUV – 13%
  • Subcompact Car – 11%
  • Small SUV – 9%
  • Small Station Wagon – 5%
  • Minicompact & 2-seater Car – 5%

In other words, manufacturers prefer to electrify the bigger models first.

Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Transportation Energy Data Book: Edition 37, ORNL/TM-2018/987, January 2019. Original source: FuelEconomy.Gov website.


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