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Hey, Youfit friends – World Environment Day is almost here! This celebration happens on the 5th of June every year, and as a matter of fact, it has to a certain degree become a global platform for environmental initiatives. As of now, more than 143 countries participate in this world environment day celebration.

As you would expect from a company that places a lot of priority on the well-being of its clients, partners, and the environment itself, Youfit goes green on World Environment Day (and every other day).

In spite of the fact that we can’t fix all of Earth’s problems in one day, if we make it a point to reduce waste and invest more on what will benefit our environment, we can make a difference. Sure, World Environment Day is just one day, but you can inspire change every day in your immediate environment.

There are plenty of reasons to, and in fact, some of them help more than just the environment itself. In fact, caring for your environment has a role to play in your well-being, including your physical, emotional and psychological well-being. After all, the spaces around you are where you have to live; shouldn’t making those spaces beautiful help you too? Youfit is all about green, and that is the very first thing you’ll notice in a Youfit gym. Just like a flag planted on the peak of a mountain, Youfit’s green color stands out everywhere.

The green color in Youfit depicts our desire to improve the health of all our members and the health of anyone that walks into our health club. Going green is not just a one-time affair for us, rather it is an everyday thing. One thing you’ll notice within your first few minutes of stepping into a Youfit health club is the recycling program we have in place.  

The materials used for the floor of your local club are produced with durable, recycled rubber from Nike Grind® that is composed of manufacturing scraps and post-consumer shoes instead of other sophisticated floor materials that are detrimental to the environment. These recycled rubbers are not just durable, but they also offer comfort when you walk on them. Youfit also uses high-efficiency cooling by Big Ass Fans® as well as energy efficient tankless hot water heaters. Because of their high efficiency, we provide comfort for all our members without jeopardizing the environment. Go Earth!

As the year progresses, we will continue to go all-out to provide members with the best environment to help them achieve their health goals. And all around you, we’ll be working to make the environment a better place to be too. Join the Youfit fam today:

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