The Best PlayStation VR Deal for Black Friday 2019


We’re keeping an eye on the best PSVR Black Friday 2019 deals, don’t blink or you might miss the best PlayStation VR sale of the year!

Updated – November 28th, 2019

The Best PSVR Black Friday 2019 Deal

The best PSVR Black Friday 2019 deal so far is the PlayStation VR ‘Blood & Truth’ + ‘Everybody’s Golf’ bundle for $250 on Amazon (a 29% discount). You can also get fast and free shipping with Amazon Prime. This deal will be available until December 2nd (December 6th in Canada).

We recommend this particular bundle over others because it includes the PlayStation Move controllers (an extra $100 if bought separately) which are technically optional but offer a superior immersive experience (or are outright required) in many of the best PSVR games (like Beat Saber). This bundle also includes Blood & Truth which is a ‘must play’ game on PlayStation VR.

If You Already Have PlayStation Move Controllers

If you already have PS Move controllers (or are ok with buying them used inexpensively), the best PlayStation VR Black Friday 2019 deal so far is the PSVR 5-Game Bundle for $200 on Amazon (a 33% discount). This bundle includes the ‘must play’ title Astro Bot and PlayStation VR Worlds (a great package of mini-game experiences for demoing your new headset), in addition to Skyrim VRResident Evil: Biohazard, and Everybody’s Golf VR.

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PSVR Black Friday Game Deals

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We’re seeing a handful of PSVR games on sale for Black Friday over at the PlayStation Store, here’s a few standouts:

Other PlayStation Black Friday 2019 Deals

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