Tesla's Free All-Weather Kit Gaps May Hold Dirt Close To Car Body


Can a fix be worse than the defect it aims to correct? We’ll try to answer that with this article. It started when Andrew McMahon, from Toronto, noticed something weird with his brand-new All-Weather Kit. Tesla installed it to his Model 3 for free – as it started doing in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland – but there was a gap between the mudflaps and the Model 3 body. McMahon felt this could potentially allow “dirt, salt, and snow to get in.”

The video above may show that it may not be just an impression.

McMahon shared his concerns in a Facebook group. A member of the group then shared two links: one with the video above and another with the sound. Unfortunately, the sound link had already expired when we found it, so we had to stick only with the images. If they are not staged, they speak a bunch.

We are not sure if this is an installation problem or something with the mudflaps Tesla is offering its clients. Ideally, there should be no gaps between the part and the car body precisely because of what you can see in the video and in the gallery we prepared based on it.

Tesla Free All-Weather Kit May Keep Dirt Close To The Car Body

On the left side, there is water, soap, and some sand inside the mudflap. As soon as the technician removes the bolts, we can see some water dripping from the holes.

Tesla Free All-Weather Kit May Keep Dirt Close To The Car Body

The technician goes a little later to the right side, where the rear mudflap had already been removed. It also presents water but a much higher quantity of dirt. The technician uses the tip of the screwdriver gun to show how deep the dirt layer is.

Tesla Free All-Weather Kit May Keep Dirt Close To The Car Body

To answer our first question, we need to talk to McMahon, but he did not answer our contact request so far. We also tried to contact the guy that shared the video. We need to discover who the technician is so he can tell us more about this story. The action most certainly happened in Canada, but we have to check that as well. Could the video be a prank or another sort of bad taste joke? Unfortunately, that is a possibility. McMahon’s concern isn’t.

Tesla Free All-Weather Kit May Keep Dirt Close To The Car Body

While we do not get more info, we ask our Canadian readers: did you have the All-Weather Kit installed in your Model 3? Does it present gaps such as the ones that McMahon found in his car? Tell us more about that when you can.

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