Tesla Repairs Model 3 A-Pillar Rust Issue On Its Own Account


Matt Shumaker was the first person we saw complaining about rust in the Tesla Model 3 A-Pillar. Anyway, Brent Chaisson reported it before Shumaker on YouTube. While Chaisson did not manage to get it fixed so far, Shumaker just released the video above, stating Tesla sorted it out for him. With no need for a technical inspection to show it was a manufacturing defect. More than that, for free.

By coincidence, Shumaker and Chaisson have the same Model 3 derivative – RWD Long Range. The problem is that Tesla Service Centers have treated them very differently as fas as we are aware, which indicates that it may be up to each Service Center to decide on what to do.

According to the video, Shumaker had a long discussion with Tesla, and it is not clear if it was repaired under warranty or as a free will act from the company. The fact is that it did the right thing to the Model 3 owner with no need for a lawsuit or anything similar.

Will Tesla Fix All A-Rust Issues On The Model 3?

We had even advised Shumaker in our previous article about this problem. Due to the two accidents he previously had with his car, he would probably need to get an independent technical inspection to show the rust issue had nothing to do with them, as Shumaker claimed.

Will Tesla Fix All A-Rust Issues On The Model 3?

By fixing it for free, Tesla recognized it was a manufacturing issue, whether under warranty or trying to make it in a non-committing way. The company just has to do the same for all other affected owners, such as Chaisson.

Will Tesla Fix All A-Rust Issues On The Model 3?

We have contacted the Canadian Model 3 owner to know if there was any progress in his demand. What makes matters worse for him is that this is not the only paint issue his Tesla has.

“That was a minor paint issue. I’ve had paint fall off the car around wheel wells, rocker panels, and front bumper. It also cost me CAN$1,900 at an auto body shop on PEI to correct the paint issues. And that was a deal!” 

Will Tesla Fix All A-Rust Issues On The Model 3?

Chaisson discovered other issues when installing a trailer hitch in his car.

“They noticed numerous issues on the car at the rear. In a nutshell, they said if they hadn’t corrected the defects when installing my hitch, that the car most certainly would have started rusting in a few years due to our Canadian winters.”

Will Tesla Fix All A-Rust Issues On The Model 3?

Chaisson still did not answer us about the A-Pillar rust issue, but we will update this article as soon as he does that. 

Being called a FUDster or a short-seller by Tesla supporters himself, he gets that our goal is to protect the people that still lack the same sort of attention Shumaker had. When it is standard, we will probably have nothing wrong to report on the company.

“I just read your article on the guide to issues with Model 3 and thank you for sticking up for us!”

Will Tesla Fix All A-Rust Issues On The Model 3?

We hope Tesla starts solving these paint issues by fixing the A-Pillar on all Model 3 units. And the other ones as a standard procedure from now on. Hopefully, Shumaker was just one of the first to seize this new policy. Tesla and current and former supporters could only benefit from that.

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