Tesla Model Y, 3 Won't Go Plaid: Model S, X, Roadster Will – Tesla Truck?


Tesla is going beyond Ludicrous to Plaid, but it won’t be offered on the Model Y or 3. It will be available on the Model S, Model X and all-new Roadster.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just confirmed Plaid version (super hopped-up) is coming and it’ll be sold to buyers of certain Teslas starting next year. However, if you buy one of the cheaper Teslas, Plaid will not be an option.


For anyone who may have thought Musk misspoke, he added another very clear response:


So, there it is then. If you want the ultimate Tesla in regards to performance, Plaid it is and you need to choose either Model S, Model X or Roadster.

Will the Tesla truck go Plaid though? The answer to that remains unknown.


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