Tesla Model 3 Crashes Into Dry Cleaners, Does Major Damage: Video


A Tesla Model 3 smashed through a building, doing severe damage to the structure and items inside. It seems nobody was injured and perhaps the accelerator was pushed, not the brake.

We’ve seen our fair share of Teslas strike and even enter buildings. Oftentimes, the driver claims unintended acceleration. However, the typical cause, as determined by Tesla in post-crash evaluation, is a driver who inadvertently hits the accelerator pedal rather than the brake.

The speed with which Teslas accelerate is tremendous and when this misstep takes place, it’s often too late to react with brake pedal application. 

We’re not sure yet if that’s the case here, but this crash fits with what we’ve come to expect from applying pressure to the wrong pedal.

Check out the video above and some additional footage further down below for more info. 

Video description via KPIX CBS SF Bay Area on YouTube:

A car smashed into the front of a dry cleaning business in Lafayette Wednesday morning.

Some additional footage below via KTVU:


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