Tesla Model 3 Charges At 117-kW On CCS


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Tesla Model 3 is able to take roughly 120 kW from CCS charger

As the first Tesla Model 3 were delivered to customers in Europe, it seems one posted eagerly awaited info about maximum charging power.

The European version of the Model 3 is equipped with a CCS Combo-compatible charging inlet. Therefore, it can use general CCS fast chargers. Certainly, Superchargers retrofitted with CCS plugs work with the Model 3 too.

The photo took at the IONITY fast charging station, probably in France, shows 117 kW of power at 39% state-of-charge (SOC).

It’s reasonable to assume that the maximum output is somewhere around 120 kW (probably at a higher SOC). Furthermore, the IONITY fast chargers are set for at least 150-175 kW (with an option to unlock the full 350 kW later on). Consequently, the Teslas sort of afterthought setup doesn’t allow for pulling that level of power though (350-kW)

Tesla Model 3 et charge à 120 kW sur station Ionity, le combo parfait 😍 Notre essai à lire et visionner prochainement sur le site 😏

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