Terminal Is A Single-Player VR FPS About Surviving Armageddon


Terminal is an upcoming VR FPS that’s focused on single-player thrills across a ravaged planet succumbing to severe weather, natural disasters, and fearsome beasts. You’ll have to fight your way across the surface, avoiding debris, and beating back dangerous raiders.

The game has seemingly come out of nowhere, I just stumbled across it in me recommended queue on Steam late yesterday. According to the Steam page it’s slated for Early Access release on December 17th and developer REMANIC plans to keep it there for 6-12 months while they test new content that’s already nearing completion.

Visually it looks pretty impressive for a game from such a small, unknown indie group. Gun mechanics seem satisfying and it’s a little more diverse than just being a pure arena wave shooter, which is more than the vast majority of shooters in VR on Steam.

You’ll be able to leverage special abilities like slowing down time, sprinting, and turning on night vision during missions too. Right now there are three game modes: Rush, Arcade, and Holdout. Rush has you traveling on foot to a specified rendezvous location to evacuate by avoided infected beats; Arcade is a tense mode where you need to outlast extreme weather and infected ambushes; Holdout is a survival-based mode where you must survive as long as possible with horde-style waves rushing you.

Eventually two new modes will also be added: Shootout and Arena. For Shootout you’ll have to use cover as you fight enemy scavengers in firefights, whereas Arena will be melee-combat focused with thrown items and weapons you swing to hit enemies.

We’ve seen an increase in the number of single-player VR shooters lately, games such as A-Tech Cybernetic, Compound, and Theta Legion need more company.

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