Last month, we shared the news that Taito’s Ninja Warriors sequel is gearing up for a release on Switch in Japan in July. Now, the company has revealed that the very same game will also be arriving in Europe and North America, acting as the first western release for Taito’s mighty return to home console development.

The release is based on The Ninja Warriors, a 1994 SNES game which plays as a side-scrolling beat ’em up similar to the series’ earlier arcade version. Further details are planned to be released at a later date, but we now know that it’ll arrive both physically and digitally, with Strictly Limited Games handling the marketing of limited editions.

We also have some PR for the previously announced Japanese version of the game, where it will be known as The Ninja Warriors: Once Again.

Based on the 1994-released The Ninja Warriors: Again, which is a Super Famicom arrangement of the 1987-released arcade game The Ninja Warriors, The Ninja Warriors: Once Again is a 25-year-later remake from the Tengo Project main staff that brought you the original games. While retaining its 16-bit style, The Ninja Warriors: Once Again significantly enhances the character resolution, pattern amount, and more to match the latest hardware. In addition to two new playable characters, The Ninja Warriors: Once Againimplements a two-player co-op mode that was not available in The Ninja Warriors: Again.

A western name and release date have not yet been revealed; we’ll make sure to keep an eye out for any news on that going forward.

Until then, why not let us know if you’re excited for this release in the comments below? Did you play the SNES title? Will this be a perfect little trip down memory lane?

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