Sweat To New Beat Saber, PSVR 2 Tracking Hints & Win VR Game!


We’ve seen new Beat Saber tracks, implications of inside-out tracking on PSVR 2 & the introduction of OpenXR for Quest – not to mention the many releases! It’s the VRecap.

The first story is Beat Games’ newest track addition: FitBeat! It’s free, it’s fitness-focused, and it fits in nicely with the other tracks in the game. It was developed by the studio’s CEO-turned-music producer, Jaroslav Beck, who has produced many of the iconic tracks for the rythm game.

There was plenty of hype this week surrounding Sony’s DualSense controllers for PlayStation 5, but for us it mainly raised questions for the future of PSVR. With the change in lightbar location, could it be that the PSVR 2 will have inside-out tracking? Our VR senses are tingling!

And lastly, a more robust story for developers and enthusiasts: Android game engine developers can now support Oculus Quest using OpenXR instead of Facebook’s Oculus Mobile API! Heaney gives a great explanation on it all, so make sure to read up for an in-depth report.

We have plenty of releases to enjoy this week, including: Ironlights on Quest and PC VR, No Man’s Sky Exo Mech Update on PSVR and PC VR, Boneworks [Redacted] Update on PC VR, Form on PSVR, and Virtual Battlegrounds on PC VR…

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There were plenty of other great articles this week that didn’t make it into the VRecap:

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