Stress Level Zero Issues New Boneworks Build To Fix Windows MR Issues


Stress Level Zero pushed a new build of Boneworks, which resolves the issues experienced by Windows MR users at launch. Steam reviews indicated that the launch build of Boneworks did not work with Windows MR controllers, despite listing support for Windows MR on the Steam page.

The highly anticipated VR title from Stress Level Zero launched yesterday to generally positive critical and public reception. However, some negative Steam reviews indicated that Boneworks was incompatible with Windows MR controllers even though the game lists Windows MR support on the official Steam entry.

Boneworks Windows MR reviews steam
Two reviews citing trouble with Windows MR devices, taken from the Boneworks Steam review page.

As per the above reviews, and others, not even community bindings would make the game work with Windows MR controllers.

However, Boneworks’ main developer, Brandon J Laatsch, confirmed that the team at Stress Level Zero was aware of the issue and working on a fix:

“Thanks for all the enthusiasm and support for #Boneworks today. The team is overwhelmed by the reception! WMR users, we’re getting closer to a fix, forgive our fatigue, we’re going on 34hrs straight.”

A few hours later, and Laatsch provided another update to say that the build was being compiled:

“WMR fix is building right now. 3.5hr eta on the build. Thanks for the patience!”

In a reply to another Twitter user, Laatsch confirmed that the issue was down to human error, with the bindings for Windows MR controllers getting “messed up in the sleep deprived last minute shuffle.

If you missed our coverage of Boneworks yesterday, you can check out our written review, our video review, and our launch day livestream.

What do you think of Boneworks so far? Has it lived up to the hype? Let us know in the comments below.

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