Steer Your Ship Through 'High Seas', Available For Quest Via SideQuest


A new adventure sailed its way onto the Oculus Quest this week – ‘High Seas’ is now available to download for free via the SideQuest store.

The game sees you lost in the ocean and taking control of a ship, navigating through rough seas. You’ll have to steer your way through icebergs, repair any damage to the ship and face some horrific weather and waves.

One really cool feature, which is briefly shown in the trailer, is the “guardian adaptive environments.” The trailer shows this in action – the environments will adjust and get bigger or smaller depending on the amount of room you’ve allocated in your guardian system. Although we haven’t verified how well it actually works, it could definitely be a feature that helps those with smaller VR play areas.

As mentioned above, the game is not available via the official Oculus Quest store, but is available for free through SideQuest. SideQuest allows you to sideload applications not approved by Oculus onto your Quest. If you’re not familiar with the process already, we recently put together a handy guide on how to get set up and started with SideQuest.

Commenting on a Reddit post to the Oculus Quest subreddit, a commenter appearing to be a developer that worked on the game said that High Seas was turned down from the Oculus Store upon application. While the commenter stated that no reason was given for the denial, they suspect it might be to do with the short length of the game, among some other potential business reasons.

The commenter also said that while they aren’t accepting donations for the game, but they will be launching a Kickstarter for their next project off the back of the High Seas release. You can view details of their next project, Terminus, here.

Will you be trying out High Seas? Let us know how you find the game in the comments.

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