Square Enix Indie Division Teases Imminent Nintendo Switch Announcement


Is it just us, or does that logo scream “Wii U”?

Square Enix Collective, a division of the well-known Japanese publisher which provides funding and publishing services to indie developers, has teased a new Switch announcement for later this week.

The studio is remaining tight-lipped on what the announcement might be, but you can see the tease for yourself below. In this very Twitter thread, Square Enix Collective went on to explain that it publishes “super cool indie games”, so expect more of the same when this announcement does eventually drop.

Up until now, the only Switch game already confirmed for release by the division is Circuit Superstars, a cool-looking top-down racing game that was shown off during E3 2019.

In the replies to Square Enix’s tweet, fans are being quick to jump on the idea that this means a Nintendo Direct is happening. Let us remind you that, while that isn’t completely out of the question, making a Switch-related announcement doesn’t always mean that a Direct is about to happen. We’d happily consume an entire Direct right now just as much as the next person, but let’s all remain calm.

So, any thoughts or hopes on what this could be? Fire away in the comments.

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