Sports Scramble Launches On Rift With Oculus Quest Cross-Buy And Cross-Play


Oculus Quest launch title Sports Scramble is now available on Oculus Rift. It supports cross-play, so Rift and Quest users can play online together.

Sports Scramble features three sports, tennis, baseball, and bowling. The style and tone is similar to that of Wii Sports, but with a twist. “Scramble” refers to how the racket, bat, or ball can change during play. That means you can be playing tennis with a hockey stick or baseball with a golf ball. The game adapts to your Guardian playspace size, so you shouldn’t have to worry about smashing your TV.

A prototype of the game, at the time called Project Tennis Scramble, was shown at Oculus Connect 5 on a real scale tennis court– one of the first impressions many developers and journalists were given of the Oculus Quest.

The scramble mode is optional so if you just want to play a normal match of tennis that should be doable. Or if you’re looking for something closer to a simulation there’s a “pro mode” for that.

When we reviewed the game on Quest’s launch week we gave it a 7/10, concluding that “colorful graphics, robust motion controls, and unique gameplay make Sports Scramble a solid launch title for the Quest”. However, we were disappointed in the lack of single player content. While this release doesn’t address that, it will at least make it easier to find someone to play with in multiplayer.

Sports Scramble costs $30 and supports Oculus cross-buy. That means that with one purchase, you own it on both Rift and Quest.

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