Sony Skips E3 2020! But Does Sony Even Need E3? – Podcast Beyond Episode 626 – IGN


Beloved host Jonathon is on a rodent-themed vacation in the lush, verdant hamlet of Anaheim, CA and fan-favorite elderly Irish woman Lucy has taken a trip to News Island, but in their stead, join Max Scoville, Brian Altano, Matt Kim, and Janet Garcia as they discuss the thrilling delays of Square Enix’s most anticipated games, our 2019 PlayStation Wrap-Up stats, and what color the PlayStation 5 should be.Download Podcast Beyond Episode 626 RIGHT HERE or go snag it on your Podcast service of choice.

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What wacky color schemes do YOU want to see the PlayStation 5 come in? To spark your imagination, take a gander at these silly Xbox Photoshops Max and Brian did. Even if you’re a PlayStation fan, they’re fun pictures! Look at ’em go!

Xbox Series X Color Schemes We Want

Max Scoville is a host, producer, and frazzled substitute teacher on Beyond for IGN, you can find him on Twitter @MaxScoville.

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