Some Oculus Quests Shipped Early From Walmart But Are Unusable


Some Oculus Quests Shipped Early From Walmart But Users Can’t ‘Set Up Or Use’ Them

On Reddit today a handful of users have reported that their Walmart-ordered Oculus Quest standalone VR headsets have shipped way earlier than expected (example one and example two). In fact, two users already have images of their headsets at home, linked in the last sentence, in their hands and it doesn’t release for almost three whole weeks.

We reached out to Facebook about the situation and received the following statement from a spokesperson:

There was a retail shipping error that caused a limited number of pre-ordered Quest headsets to ship earlier than expected from Walmart. Affected customers are being notified and the issue has been fixed. Because our software hasn’t been released pre-launch, people won’t be able to set up or use their headsets until the official launch on May 21.

It sounds like whatever error caused this has been rectified, so don’t scramble too quickly to try and switch your order to Walmart instead. And even if you do get access to a Quest earlier than expected, it won’t do you much good. You can’t even set it up yet because the Oculus mobile app doesn’t include the Quest as an option yet. That means you can’t really do anything with it.

After leaks regarding the Rift S at GDC and then leaks about the release date just prior to announcement earlier this week, Facebook has had trouble as of late keeping things close to the chest. With the Quest already back-ordered by a few days hopefully they don’t have trouble keeping up with demand like they did back in 2016 with the original Rift.

Are you one of the “affected customers” in this whole ordeal? Let us know down in the comments below!

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