Social Distancing Outdoor Workouts


A little time spent outside can work wonders for our mental and physical health. With the current climate of social distancing, many people are afraid to head outside for their fitness. At Youfit Health Clubs, we know there are many benefits of exercise, and these benefits can be enhanced when you exercise outdoors. There are plenty of self-quarantine outdoor workouts you can enjoy while still sticking to social distancing regulations. Ready to get some sunshine with your fitness? Check out our tips and tricks for outdoor exercise during COVID-19 and additional outdoor fitness tips.

Self-Quarantine Outdoor Workout Safety Tips

Before heading outside and exercising, it’s important to understand the safe way to stay socially distant while getting your outdoor fitness. One thing to note is that the UV radiation of the sun may help degrade COVID-19, making outdoor workouts less dangerous than many people believe. That being said, it is crucial to maintain social distancing when working outside, experts suggest keeping 12 feet of distance from others rather than the standard 6 feet. [1]

Many people are going for walks or bike rides around their neighborhoods, but others are also considering heading to parks or other public areas. Be sure to follow your local guidelines and CDC advice regarding parks, beaches, and other public spaces. For instance, many communities have closed their public parks or spaces temporarily. 

When choosing your outdoor workout or workout space, choose an area that:

  • Does not have high numbers of other people present
  • Has plenty of space for social distancing if you do encounter others
  • Is open to visitors per your local community’s guidelines

Be sure that your outdoor workout area allows you to maintain social distancing so you can enjoy your exercise without worry! 

Types of Social Distancing Outdoor Workouts

There are plenty of outdoor workouts you can enjoy while social distancing! Many of our easy at-home workouts can also be performed outdoors, giving you a great workout with plenty of sunshine. Other activity-based socially distant outdoor workouts include:

  • Running or walking around the neighborhood
  • Taking a long bike ride along a new route
  • Going for a hike where trails are open and spacious enough for distancing 
  • Performing gardening or yard work at your home
  • Sunrise or sunset yoga exercises 

There are also plenty of fitness workouts for social distancing that can help you focus on specific goals or muscle groups. This can include using elements found outside, such as tree branches or grassy areas for your workouts. Many HIIT exercises are also great outdoors! 

Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Many members using our LES MILLS On Demand home workouts are choosing to do their exercises outside. Sunlight helps improve levels of Vitamin D in the body which can strengthen bones, improve mood, and increase energy, just to name a few benefits. [2] Though it is important to stay socially distant with self-quarantining, it is also important to get plenty of sunlight to enjoy its benefits. So next time you’re ready to work out, take things outside with these social distancing exercises and workout tips! 



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