Sniper Elite VR Gets New Trailer, PSVR, Rift, SteamVR Support Confirmed


Sniper Elite VR New

Hope you like Sniper Elite! Why? Well, because we have a new trailer for it, why else?

Well we say trailer, it’s more like a feature. There’s just a bit of gameplay, blurred and captured off of the TV. Developers at Rebellion fill in the blanks with new info, though.

Sniper Elite is exactly what it says in the tin. With rifle in hand, you take down high profile targets from afar. In this installment, you travel to Italy in World War 2 in a story set before Sniper Elite 4. You join the Italian resistance and fight to liberate Sicily. Crucially the game keeps the stealth element of the other titles and features free movement.

The other thing the game’s best known for? Gory kills. Sniper Elite lets you watch your bullet fly into enemy skulls and then get an unnecessarily detailed x-ray of the damage it does. Now you can do all of that in VR too.

On PSVR, you can play the game with three sets of controllers. For starters, there’s DualShock 4 and PlayStation Move support. No doubt the star of the show is the PlayStation Aim controller, though, which is shaped like a rifle. If games like Farpoint and Firewall are anything to go by, it should add to the immersion quite nicely.

More good news: the game’s also coming to Oculus Rift and SteamVR (which we assume means Vive/Index too). As for a release date? We don’t have that right now, but stay tuned.

We should be seeing the game for ourselves at E3 this week. We’ll get back to you with full impressions when we can.

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