Sling TV Now Supports Multi-User Watching On Oculus Go


Sling TV Now Supports Multi-User Watching On Oculus Go

Sling TV on Oculus TV now supports multi-user watching. That means if you and your friends are Sling TV subscribers, you should be able to watch the service together in VR from anywhere, using Oculus Go headsets.

Sling TV is a streaming based TV service available on many platforms. Channels available in its various packages include Disney Channel, CNN, USA, Cartoon Network and Discovery. Sling also offers a cloud DVR service. Sling came to Oculus TV back in December, along with ESPN and FOX NOW.

Oculus TV was announced back at F8 2019 as a flagship feature of the Oculus Go, a device focused on media watching. At the time, Facebook spoke of a social viewing feature so you could watch movies, shows, and events with your friends.

To use the service, simply enter the Oculus TV app while in an Oculus Party. Select the Sling TV app, and any other party members with a Sling subscription should see your Oculus Avatar and the same screen when opening Oculus TV.

Note that co-watching does not support movie rentals or cloud DVR recordings.

Oculus TV is also available on the Oculus Quest, but this Sling TV app update hasn’t rolled out to Quest yet and there’s no mention of whether it will. While the headsets share the same Android underpinnings, Facebook has positioned Quest as a gaming device, whereas Go is a media device.

If you’ve tried out co-watching with Sling through Oculus TV please share in the comments how it worked.

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