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When you see a shooting star twinkle by in the sky, you’ve gotta do a few things to guarantee your wish. Make sure you’re not holding anything, look to the night sky by pressing up on the right thumbstick, and then press “A” whenever you see a shooting star in the sky. You can see shooting stars randomly on clear nights, so keep an eye out for them while you’re out and about.

Shooting stars come in pairs. If you miss the first, make sure to wish on the second. You can only wish on a single shooting star once.

How to get Star Fragments and Large Star Fragments[edit]

Star Fragments and Large Star Fragments are only obtainable by wishing on a star. The more you wish on stars, the more star fragments you’ll earn. If you’re specifically needing large star fragments, keep wishing on stars as they pass! They drop at random with the smaller star fragments.

You can collect the star fragments the next day. They’ll wash up on beaches across your island. If you happened to wish a lot, keep checking your beach as they’ll keep washing up.

While collecting, keep in mind that the large star fragment won’t be named “Large Star Fragment.” Instead, you’ll find a piece of the zodiac constellation that’s currently in the sun. For instance, if you find a large star fragment in April, you’ll get an Aries Fragment.

Celeste will occasionally visit your island when there’s a meteor shower. This special event brings upon far more shooting stars than any normal night, so be sure not to miss it.


When you talk to Celeste, she’ll inform you about the frequency of the falling stars and the rumors about a wand that can transform you into a whole new you. Queue the Magic Wand recipe!

If you talk to her again, she’ll also let you know that each of the constellations has a story, and sometimes more than one. If you “run across something related to a constellation,” say, like a large star fragment from a zodiac, then bring it to Celeste next time you see her.

Crafting with Star Fragments[edit]

Star fragments are rare (though not quite as rare as gold ore) so be sure to keep them in a safe spot for crafting. You’ll learn new star recipes from Celeste as you see her (some of which will be require large star fragments corresponding to the current zodiac sign), or you might get lucky and receive one from a balloon present or even a villager.

  • Star Wand – The star wand is a neat item that lets you set outfits and transform into them whenever you use the tool.
    • Crafting a Star Wand requires one large star fragment and three star fragments.
  • Bamboo Wand – The bamboo wand works the same as the bamboo wand, but doesn’t require a large star fragment to craft.
    • Crafting a Bamboo Wand requires six young spring bamboo and three star fragments.

More items will be added as they’re discovered.

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