Seeking Dawn PSVR Port Canceled Because 'Graphics' Are 'Not There'


Seeking Dawn PSVR Port Canceled Because ‘Graphics Are Just Not There’

Pour one out for Seeking Dawn’s PSVR support today, folks. After almost a year of uncertainty as well as announcement of a “playable” PSVR build four months ago, Multiverse has officially decided to cancel the planned PSVR port of co-op first-person VR shooter, Seeking Dawn

The news was first spotted by theVRgrid on Reddit which we then confirmed on the actual studio Facebook page in a comment on an existing thread. In that comment the company said, “We have a build, but the graphics are just not there. We are probably gonna freeze the project for the time being.”

Since then, Multiverse has officially posted a public statement on their page about the cancellation:

“After 6 months of hard work, sleepless nights and tons of frustration we are officially canceling the Seeking Dawn PSVR project. I know it’s a bummer, trust me we are even more frustrated than you guys are. We didn’t want to accept the obvious and tried our best to deliver on the promise. I have just one request, please be understanding guys, we are an indie company, a startup with somewhat limited resources, and believe me if we didn’t care about our community, we’d drop the project much earlier; honestly, we just didn’t want to disappoint. Seeking Dawn PSVR was a beautiful and ambitious dream, but unfortunately, one that will not come true, at least for the time being.”

While unfortunate, the news isn’t really that much of a surprise. The port’s development seemed overly ambitious from the very start and seemed unlikely to begin with. Visually, Seeking Dawn is a demanding and gorgeous game with some of the most detailed and beautiful environments we’ve seen in VR yet. While the actual gameplay and progression ended up being more tedious than it was really worth, it’s tough to find faults with it from a visual perspective. Getting a game like that running on a PS4, in VR, at a sustained framerate was a tall ask.

Our full video review of the PC VR version

In the same announcement post, Multiverse also said that the development on the “PC version” of Seeking Dawn is coming along well, which we assume means a non-VR flat version of the game. If that gets support for co-op between VR and non-VR, such as is possible with games like Gunheart, that could inject some life into an almost year-old game. There is a free-to-play version out as well if you just want to dip your toes in and try it out.

The news about the canceled Seeking Dawn PSVR port is unfortunate, but we look forward to see what Multiverse works on next.

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