See Gameplay From Cosmophobia At The Upload VR Showcase, June 8th


We’re sorry to inform you that you won’t be making it through the Upload VR Showcase on June 8th without screaming a few times. That is to say, another terrifying look at Cosmophobia arrives at the show!

Cosmophobia is the new title from White Door Games, best known for its terrifying procedurally-generated VR debut, Dreadhalls. This takes the same core principle of trying to survive in a deadly maze and applies it to the ONE place that hasn’t been corrupted by capitalism… space! If the drones don’t get you, the hideous beast lurking just around the corner might.

cosmophobia vr showcase

Haven’t heard of the VR Showcase before? It’s quite simple; it’s our digital video to announce a whole bunch of cool new VR games and show off fresh looks at some of your most anticipated titles. This year’s show is going to be streaming right here at 9am PT, and will also be shown on IGN and Summer Game Fest. Not only that, but you can tune in early at 8:30am PT to catch our pre-show! There we’ll be making yet more reveals and talking over announcements in our virtual studio!

What else are you predicting for this year’s show? Let us know in the comments below!

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