Save it or Scrap it? The Best Fridge and Freezer Repair Companies in Cape Town


Furnishing a home to fit your specific tastes and needs is one of the great pleasures of home owning. When one of those essential appliances stops working though, it becomes one of the great pains as well. When that happens, you want certified, skilled technicians available to get your house in working order again.

Fixitt works with only the best fridge repair
companies in Cape Town, servicing the most popular brands of fridges and
freezers. They’re available 24 hours a day and trusted by homeowners and
business professionals alike to get you the fastest, most reliable household
appliance repair services available in the Cape Town area.

Though there are some
do-it-yourself solutions on the internet, these come with their own risks,
which will always cost you time and energy and could cost you the entire
fridge. Finding a reliable service professional is the best way to ensure that
one of the most important appliances in your house stays in working order, not
only keeping your family safe but ensuring that you don’t end up ruining a
week’s worth of groceries in the process of trying to save a call to get the
help of a pro.

Brand Recognition

Deciding whether or not you want to repair or
scrap your refrigerator requires a knowledge of the major brands in order to
determine whether the age and make of the fridge makes the cost worth it in the
long run. Fixitt services the most popular brands of household appliances,
including AEG, Bosch, Defy, LG, KIC, Gaggenau, Smeg, Speed Queen, Samsung, and
Russell Hobbs. You need that knowledge in a service professional, not only to
ensure that they know how your fridge works but so that all the spares and
parts that you could need are readily available to them.

Especially since a refrigerator is a long-term
appliance whose proper functioning is essential to any household, knowledge of
these brands is essential. The certified technicians available through the
Fixitt Appliance Center are all experienced in the industry, familiar with the
brands, and available to provide the expertise you need to make this decision
as informed as possible.

to Call a Professional

Even though buying a fridge and freezer can
seem like a life decision, eventually, it will need to be replaced. According
to most home advisors, the lifespan of a
fridge is typically about 15 years. Even at that time, it becomes important to
have a knowledgeable professional to tell you honestly how much it will cost to
repair it versus buying a whole new fridge.

This is why it’s important to recognize the warning signs of when a fridge needs to be serviced. Most people understand that a fridge’s compressor works by turning on and off in a cycle to make sure the temperature stays on the appropriate setting. But it’s all too common to think that a quiet refrigerator is on the “off” cycle when in reality it could have a broken or faulty compressor. That gentle “hum” of the fridge turning back to “on” is the sign of your food being cooled.

There are other reasons
to call a professional too. Weird rattling noises coming from the defroster
could mean you have motor trouble. Your ice maker could be running all the time
without stopping: replacing or fixing that is one of the most common consumer reported
repairs, yet it requires a professional’s assessment. Fixitt has honest,
reliable appliance repair technicians to help you pick a new fridge or fix the
old one. But first, you have to know when you can’t fix the problem on your own
and need the help of a professional.


You want to be sure that the company you call
to fix your home appliance has certain guarantees, such as the 6-month
guarantee on any item serviced by Fixitt in the Cape Town area. Whether you own
a business or a home, you want to seek out a fridge repair service that is
industry accredited and comprehensively insured to make sure that having to
decide whether your appliance gets saved or scrapped doesn’t end up being
another one of your problems.

Unfortunately, not all homeowners can fix
their fridges themselves, or even know the difference between the parts of it
that should be replaced and the parts that could be repaired. That’s why you
need a service professional who can appropriately diagnose your issues and give
you the right estimate. You want someone available 24 hours a day, equipped
with knowledge of all the name brands, and accredited by the industry for its
quality service technicians. Deciding what to do with your fridge is always going
to be a problem. But it doesn’t have to be a pain.

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