Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could use glass for its foldable display



Samsung could be using ultra-thin glass for the cover of the Galaxy Fold 2

Ultra-thin glass would make mass production of such panels even more expensive

As of now, this is only a speculation

Samsung has had a rough time with their Galaxy Fold smartphone. The launch was abruptly called off due to issues of duability with the phone, and finally, when Samsung did relaunch the device, questions of durability remain. At the heart of the discontent was the very thing that made the Fold unique; its foldable display. For the Fold, Samsung used a plastic material to make the display panel, which came with its own set of issues, the biggest being the crease. Samsung, it seems, will solve this problem by using glass.

The report comes courtesy of Ice Universe, a prolific leakster with a reliable track record of being correct. According to his tweet, Samsung would turn to ultra-thin glass as the covering for the Samsung Galaxy Fold2 instead of the current plastic-based cover. This, he says, is how Samsung plans on reducing, if not eliminating, the crease. While this may be a viable solution for dealing with the crease, using glass for the next Fold may do more harm than good.

Industry insiders say that using ultra-thin glass would make mass production of such panels even more expensive than they are at the moment. Additionally, the durability of such panels is yet to be proven to be better than that of the plastic substrate that Samsung uses at the moment.

Multiple rumours and leaks have pointed out that the next Fold to be released by Samsung will be a vertically folding smartphone, much like the new Moto Razr. There have been some leaked images of the device floating around, and that is the phone that Ice Universe says will be using the glass panel for its display. As always, we strongly recommend waiting till the product is officially launched for the most accurate information.

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