Random: Super Mario Maker 2 Player Recreates The "Worst Ever" Level 1-1


This was as far as we got…

A Super Mario Maker 2 player who goes by the name ‘YTSunny’ on YouTube, has created the “worst ever” version of the first level in the original Super Mario Bros. game on the NES.

This recreation of Level 1-1 comes with a tiny twist. While it mimics the exact layout of the original, it’s filled to the brim with rotating fire bars you would normally encounter in Bowser’s castle. If making it to the end wasn’t already challenging enough, you’re also racing against the clock. You’ll no doubt be spurred on to move a little bit faster because of the in-game music.

Take a look at the level in action below:

If you would like to try this one out yourself, here’s the code: YXL-D4C-TQF. At the time of writing, it has a clear rate of 0.01%. Be sure to also check out the Nintendo Life Super Mario Maker 2 course sharing tool, if you haven’t already.

Will you be trying out this course? Have you seen any other crazy recreations of level 1-1? Tell us below.

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