Random: Someone Has Recreated The Mona Lisa Using Super Mario World Sprites


Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Nintendo’s Super Mario are perhaps two of the most famous ‘M’s in the world. Amazingly, we’ve had to come up with a way of introducing both of these famous faces in the same sentence because one clever individual has created one of the most unexpected mashups you’ll see today.

That’s right, introducing the Mona Mario? The Mario Lisa? The Super Mona? You get the point. The image before you shows the most famous piece of artwork in the world recreated using sprites from Super Mario World. Technically, the sprites actually come from Super Mario Maker 2, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

The image was shared online by Reddit user, listix. They say that they made a program which can recreate an image using sprites; for this particular example, the Super Mario World sprites found with Super Mario Maker 2 were used to make up the shapes and colours of the Mona Lisa. We’ve super-zoomed in for you below, in case you’re struggling to see.

Technology, huh? Where would we be without it?

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